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boundary disputes are disagreements that arise due to an unclear right of way. All the parties involved in the disagreement claim right ownership of a given property. Disputes arise due to unclear demarcation of a property. #

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Disagreements can either be public or private. Powerful institutions involved in running a country find themselves involved in public disputes. The disputes can also be internal or external. External disputes involve competition to own property situated on the boundary of two countries. Internal disputes on the other hand involve ownership of property between governing bodies in a country. These disputes always turn out tragic if not solved amicably since they pull down the relationship between countries and the governing bodies.

Major domestic disputes revolve around land ownership. They can arise when neighbours find it hard to agree on how to set up a boundary between their lands. At times, such disputes occur due to boundary maintenance duties. Your neighbour is likely to start a dispute against you due to your negligence in catering for boundary maintenance services. Other domestic disputes arising from maintenance duties involve shared walls and driveways.

Whenever a boundary disputes occurs, it is advisable that the conflicting partners find amicable solution to solve their difference right from the beginning. This is important since an unresolved dispute can always end up being tragic. However, it is possible that your partner will not be willing to domestically solve the dispute. This necessitates the involvement of an extra qualified party.

Finding a lawyer is always the best decision you can take to solve a boundary dispute that is getting out of hand. There are several Attorneys who are qualified in law regarding ownership of property. They will give guidelines on means of handling the dispute between you and your partner with regard to what is stipulated in your title deed. They are experienced in handling matters concerning title and boundary disputes.

An attorney utilizes several mechanisms in solving a boundary dispute. The basic method utilized in most cases is referred to as adverse possession. The legality of these mechanism aims at enabling the legal owner of a piece of land to acquire a valid title for the land. However, it is done in regard to the required law and the real owner should meet a certain threshold of requirements to prove land ownership.

Adverse possession always proves to be hostile to the real owner's interests. However, it is also exclusive, actual, open and notorious. At the end of the process, the real owner will discover how their land has been trespassed. Whenever the disagreement arises from poor land survey, the lawyer will encourage the conflicting parties to handle a fresh survey with regard to the Title deeds of each land owner. They are always the best solution for cases that go beyond control.

Some disputes will go beyond a land survey. Such rare cases are eligible to be handled by a court of law. Whenever you find yourself in a boundary dispute, be quick to stem it down. Late solutions have proved to be costly to handle.